The oversized postcard format has plenty of room for your messaging and the personalized map.

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Tried and true format, updated with a large window highlighting the personalized map.

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This unique format features 3 Panels and a map that tears off which doubles as a coupon.

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Increase foot traffic and response rates by including a personalized map on your customized direct mail pieces.* These maps do more than stand out from ordinary mail. They visually and immediately communicate location to your audience, a real plus when you have multiple branches and want to make customers aware of the one closest to their home or office.

Personalized maps can be added to any type of printed piece. Each individual map shows the mail recipient's location, your location and the driving route between.

The most common direct mail formats are postcards, envelopes and self-mailers. Using the provided artwork templates makes your designer's job easier and the all-inclusive pricing makes budgeting a snap.

* Recipients of direct mail containing customized maps have been shown to generate a 40% higher response than those who receive a static map or no map at all.
Source: April 2006 article in Graphic Arts Monthly